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Rank Website on Google First Page in 2021

Rank Website on Google First Page in 2020

Here Are Some Useful Tips for Rank Website on Google First Page in 2020:

1: Update your Website Content on a regular basis to keep the visitor’s interest. Outdated content increases the bounce rate and lowered the ranking in search engines.

2: Voice search has also become one of the using ways to search. So, make sure your content includes conversational phrases. Do Voice Search Optimization to get ahead from the competitors.

3: With the excessive use of mobile phones, the website should be responsive to load correctly and fast on mobile and other small devices.

4: Page loading speed a lot matters now because loading speed will decrease the bounce rate and improve the ranking of the website in search engines.

5: Mobile-First Indexing is now highly important than ever before.

6: Image search has also become the more used way to search so it’s better to use highly optimized keywords in labels and alt attributes of images to get them rank in search engines.

7: Create a Sitemap for the website. A sitemap is a collection of the website pages or sitemap is a file where we provide full details about website pages. Using this technique, we inform Google bot or crawler about our all website pages in one place.

8: Do better Keyword Research by doing historical analysis and using the appropriate keyword research tools. You can use the Google keyword planner or similar tool to find the best keywords.

9: Another important factor that will be considered BACKLINKS. Backlinks are the links of the website and its web pages on other sites. All search engines check the credibility of backlinks and rank the website higher if the source/placement of backlinks is at higher reputed sites.

10: Do internal linking on each webpage of the website and try to do at least 2–4 times per webpage.

11: Use SSL to Secure the websites as search engines recommend its users to move safe sites to keep the user experience good. Sites that are not secure do not rank higher in search engines.

12: Add robots.txt file to the website, if you don’t want to crawl or index any privacy or any specific website pages by Google then add that page file on Notepad and submit on your website manager file.

13: Add Canonical Tag If the website has multiple URLs but the web page is the same, so you need to add a canonical tag on all your pages because the canonical tag decides which URLs of your website are final.

14: Don’t do excessive Keyword Stuffing on each web-page content, Ideal keyword density must be 1–3%

15: Do internal linking on each webpage and try to do at least 2–3 times per webpage.

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